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The Bespoke Approach

Welcome to Bespoke Tutoring

Our methods are very structured, providing a logical understanding of each topic. We cover all areas of the course thoroughly; making sure each child has a deep and solid understanding of each topic. Our exam techniques have been tried and tested through a range of different tests. The concepts are easy to grasp; with a deep understanding and accuracy being the key focus. We carry out tests and assessments to monitor each child’s progress closely and use these to spot weaker areas that need improvement. Our preparation is suited to those preparing for the 11 plus exams in Berkshire, Bucks, Bexley, Kent, and London. We provide 11 plus assessments, 11 plus courses, intensive holiday courses, home course and KS2 SATs (Maths) as part of our services. Homework is a vital part of the 11 plus course. The aim of homework provided by Bespoke Tutoring is to reinforce and consolidate the work completed in class. 

Working with parents plays a very important part in our students' rate of learning and overall result. We work very closely with parents, educating them on their child’s strengths and weaknesses. We take pride in delivering results and are extremely proud that over 90% of our students pass each year.

Bespoke Tutoring has been delivering 11+ tuition for over 12 years. Each tutor has been handpicked for their uniqueness and each child is instilled with a passion for learning.

Our aim is to use our innovative methods to instill a deep understanding of each subject in every child, a love for learning, and success in the 11+ exam.