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Children's Testimonials


11+ Fast Track Course 

 “I found my time with my tutor very useful. I found Verbal Reasoning as my weakest subject, however in the 11+ test I found this easy and scored well. My tutor has given me many effective techniques, which explained the subject very thoroughly. I appreciate what she has done for me and recommend her for anyone who wishes to do the 11 plus. Thank you.”

11+ Full Course 

"My tutor was very helpful to me when she taught me the things I needed to know in preparation for the 11+. I felt like the group tuition I was attending elsewhere was not enough for me so I asked my parents if they could find somewhere else for me. They then told me that I was going to have a different tutor. I felt both glad and excited about this decision. I was slightly nervous as well but after meeting my tutor for the very first time, I immediately felt at ease. I was always explained things at my level which made it so much easier to understand and it was very enjoyable. I was taught in a very professional manner and my tutor would always have time for my parents whenever they would call. I am grateful to my tutor for my results as I am quite sure that I wouldn't have managed them without the help I got. I couldn't have asked for a better tutor. "

11+ Fast Track Course 

"My tutor was a very nice tutor because she was always supportive and very encouraging. She never gave me too much homework so I never felt too stressed. We focused on one topic at a time so I didn't get confused. I had homework every day to help the subject sink in. I also asked her about subjects I struggled with and she always spent time going through these areas with me. She was very good at helping me write down tips and strategies to use for different areas, for example in NVR, and these notes helped me to remember methods well. The lessons went by very quickly. Thank you for helping me with techniques to pass my exam so I could get into my first choice of school. "